Participating in Your Healing
By Shamanic practitioner Kathleen Downey

Since beginning the process of healing my body and now writing a book on my healing experiences, Map of the Soul: Journey to the Soul Mate, I have recognized the importance of objectively reviewing my life and consciously making necessary changes. From the time I had my first near death experience, in 1979, with meningitis, from which I developed a well-spring of creativity and a profound understanding that we are energy, or spirit, that does not die with the physical body, until I experienced death for the second time with Lyme disease from which came the conscious calling to learn all I could about healing my spirit or soul's body, I did not understand how our spirit and it's health reflected within the health of our physical body. I have, as a result of my first Shamanic journey, during which time I experienced such a profound emotional/spiritual release that my physical body responded by releasing a tumor and my subsequent years of experience in using this phenomenon to help myself and others, unequivocally understood that disease and weakness in the body are directly related to the imbalances in the spiritual/energetic body.

Ten years ago I found myself fighting cancer and within a few months of this I contracted Lyme disease. I opted to look for help within the alternative medicines and healing practices available to me. I was familiar with herbal and vitamin supplement use, I started there. I was also familiar with a macro-biotic diet, meditation, yoga, reflexology, Acupuncture and Chiropractic work as these helped me to prevail over many health problems. However, delving into the basis for Acupuncture and the neuro-emotional techniques used by Chiropractors helped me to realize that our emotions are connected to all our physical body systems. Therefore I realized that the ultimate health of our physical body depends on our emotional/spiritual well being and our ability to release negative emotions that facilitate imbalance such as anger, fear, guilt, judgment, dependencies, ect,. That is when I discovered the Shamanic journey: A phenomenon that allowed me to experience, first hand and as an active participant, what I needed to release emotions which held these diseases in my body. This experience which facilitated my ultimate healing also changed my way of life by allowing me to profoundly, objectively, understand how traumatic events and early conditioning, as well as behavior patterns adopted from past-lives, shaped who I was and how I would experience life now.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to study at length with many different Anthropologist and Historians as well as Indigenous tribal healers from many different places on the earth, including Ireland, Egypt, Scandinavia, Mexico, and South and North America to learn these, the oldest known healing techniques and spiritual practices. Thus enabling me to share this phenomenal healing modality with others both through my book, "Map of the Soul: Journey to the Soul Mate, which outlines in detail the steps I took to heal and through working individually and in groups with those who are seeking health and balance in their lives.

Kathleen Downey will be conducting workshops in Boulder, CO on May 18th, The Celtic Journey, The Medicine Wheel Part one and two on June 15th & 16th. Kathleen is also available for private healing and Shamanic counseling sessions in Boulder, CO at 303 449-1349 and is available in Encinetas, CA at 858 646-9808 or email for more info.

Copyright 2003, Kathleen Downey